District Neemuch is situated in the north west border of Madhya Pradesh and south-east of Rajastan. Neemuch has been declared as a seperate district by MP Govt as on 30th June 1998. Earlier it was a part of the Mandsaur district. Three tehsils of undivided Mandsaur district fall under this new district namely Neemuch, Jawad and Manasa. It lies between the parallels of latitude 240 .15 - 240.35 North, and between the meridians of longitude 740 45 - 750 37 East. During British rule an army cantonment was established here. After independence, this cantonment has been converted into cantonement of paramilitary forces by the Govt. of India. Presently it is known as CRPF. Neemuch is also known as birth place of CRPF. Similar to Mandsaur district, Neemuch is also famous for its opium production. It has also a govt. factory know as Govt. Opium & Alkaloid factory under central govt. Other important crops are Wheat, Maize, Groundnut, Gram, Garlic, Soyabean, Oured, Mustard, Posta.

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Bhadwa Matha Temple
Sukhanand Mahadev
Neel Khant Mahadev
Antri matha
Watch House of Neemuch


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The total population of the district is 7,25,457 . As on 2001 Male Population :371912 and Female Population :353485 Population density per square K.M 170 Male Female ratio( Per 1000 Male)950

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