Rajgarh is located at western part of Madhya Pradesh. It borders the state of Rajasthan, and the districts of Shajapur, Sehore, and Bhopal. It forms the north western part of Bhopal Commissioner's Division. Rajgarh District extends between the parallels of latitude 23027' 12" North and 24017' 20" North and between the meridians of longitude 76011' 15" and 77014' East. It has a quadrangular shape with the northern and western sides longer than the southern and eastern sides, respectively. The zigzag boundaries of the District resemble a pear. Some of the main Locations are Zirapur, Rajgarh, Biora, Khilchipur, Sarangpur and Narsinghgarh. The district is well connected by Road NH-3 and Railway Network. Major tourist attraction is Narsinghgarh. Newaj and Parbati Rivers flows through the district. The total geographical area of the District is 6,154 Sq.Km. with a population of 12,54,085 according to census 2001. It is one of the small districts of Madhya Pradesh, both in respect of area and population. It is 145 Kms from the state capital Bhopal.

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Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh .
Jalpamata Temple
Rajgarh Dargah
Biora Mandu-Narsinghgarh.
Kotra-Narsinghgarh Khoiry
Mahadev-Rajgarh .

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992,315 (1991 census).

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