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Form for first application to Develop, Erect Re Erector to make alteration in a building
  All fields are mandatory
1. Owner's Name
2. Owner's Address
3. City
4. Colony/ Market/ Street
5. Township Path
6. House No. / Plot No. / khasra No.
7. Area (in hectare)
8. Fee (Rs.)

Name of Architect/Structure Engineer/Engineer/ Supervisor Town Planner 

10. License number of Architect/Structure Engineer/Engineer/ Supervisor Town Planner
11. Address of Architect/Structure Engineer/Engineer/ Supervisor Town Planner
Note :-
Total size of attachment s should not be exceeded by 2 MB. If total size of attachments exceeding 2 MB than take the print out of application form with acknowledgement receipt and attached all the necessary documents and submit it to concerned department.
1] Layout plan showing proposed land are and permissible activities as per development plan.
1 (a) Development plan roads, coordination roads and roads situated at the site must be accommodated / coordinated. 1 (b) Show proposals of property, open space as per development plan and MP bhoomi vikas rules 1984.
1 (c) Show amenities & facilities. 1 (d) Show MOS and other provisions as per table of development plan.
1 (e) All dimension should be in matrix system. 1 (f) Ensure that the maps have been prepared and signed competent Architect/ Engineer/ Planner
2] Maps according to khasra akx and site survey.
2 (a) Ensure that the khasra map and PII form contains clear bataan and are certified.
3] Copy of registration procedure under MP NagarPalika (Colonizer Registration, Nirbandhan and rules) niyam 1984.
4] Fees as per rule 21 of MP Bhoomi Vikas rules 1984.
5] Land ownership documents with namantaran.
6] Copy of land use certificate.
7] Affidavit support in the above.
8] Survey plan showing site and peripherar development and features.
9] Services maps.
10] Other information as required under rule 16/17 of MP Bhoomi Vikas rule 1984.